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Community Pathways

 Community Pathways Flyer English
 Community Pathways Flyer Spanish
 Community Pathways Flyer Portuguese
 Community Pathways Referral Form English
 Community Pathways Referral Form Spanish
 Community Pathways Referral Form Portuguese


Voluntary Care Management (VCM)

VCM serves families and youth with serious emotional challenges, mental illnesses and/or substance use disorders. Goals include supporting families to increase access to care and navigating the behavioral health system.


 Voluntary Care Management Program English

 Voluntary Care Management Program Spanish

 Voluntary Care Management Program Portuguese

 VCM Workflow English

 VCM Workflow Spanish

 VCM Workflow Portuguese


Integrated Family Care and Support (IFCS)

IFCS is a strength-based program to help keep families together, safely at home. Goals include helping families meet their own needs and connect to traditional and non-traditional resources. Families are referred to IFCS from the Department of Children and Families (DCF).


 Integrated Family Care and Support English

 Integrated Family Care and Support Spanish

 Integrated Family Care and Support Portuguese

DCF Website – IFCS 


Intensive Care Coordination (ICC)

Youth with complex behavioral health needs are at risk for inpatient care and other placements that separate them from their homes and communities. ICC addresses these challenges with intensive care coordination and WrapCT , a holistic, wraparound initiative.


 Intensive Care Coordination Program English

 Intensive Care Coordination Program Spanish

 Intensive Care Coordination Program Portuguese

 ICC Referral Form English

 ICC Referral Form Spanish

 ICC Referral Form Portuguese

Prevent Suicide CT: Supporting Youth and Young Adults (2020) 

Prevent Suicide CT: Supporting Youth and Young Adults Spanish (2020) 



Connecting to Care 


ACCESS Mental Health

 ACCESS Mental Health for Moms

 ACCESS Mental Health for Youth

 ACCESS Mental Health Overview


Additional resources

 Child and Family Resources English

 Child and Family Resources Spanish

 Family Assistance & Social Determinants Funding (FASD) Request Form

 Family Assistance & Social Determinants Funding (FASD) Flyer


Contact information

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Phone: 877-381-4193

Connecticut Voluntary Care Management

Connecticut Integrated Family Care and Support (IFCS) Program


Today we are Carelon Behavioral Health, but when some of these materials were developed, we were Beacon Health Options.