Specialty Care Services

Customized to support whole-person health

No one is the same. We all have experiences and genetic factors that shape our behavioral health. This means treatments should also be unique and consider individual symptoms, living situations, support systems, and physical wellness.

Our specialty care services are tailored to meet individual needs for a variety of conditions. We're passionate about helping people navigate the healthcare system. From finding an appropriate health professional to coordinating care, we can help pinpoint specialized providers to implement evidence-based care.  

We're behavioral health experts and know that every person has unique needs and their own path to health and well-being. 

We're behavioral health experts and know that every person has unique needs and their own path to health and well-being. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


Our ASD services provide individuals and families with the support, comprehensive care services, and resources they need.


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Child, Young Adult, and Family Services


Our wide range of services allow us to help children, adolescents, and families manage and overcome the difficult challenges they may be experiencing.


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Eating Disorders


Our multidisciplinary care team specializes in early identification and intervention to provide care for mental and physical health issues related to this complex condition.


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Peer Support


Peers can be a crucial, trusted resource for recovery. Our state- and nationally-certified peer support specialists use their lived experience to help others achieve a successful and sustained recovery.


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Serious Mental Illness (SMI)


SMIs can have serious psychological and physical effects. Our holistic approach combines mental and physical care coordination to help people with SMIs manage their condition and lead healthier lives.


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Social Drivers of Health (SDoH)


Health is affected by the food we eat, the neighborhood we live in, our level of education, and other SDoH. Our program, Community Resource Navigator, identifies and connects people in need with resources that help improve whole-person health.


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Substance Use Disorders (SUD)


Our innovative SUD program helps people recognize the behavioral, physical, and social aspects of the illness and provides personal care that's meaningful and comprehensive.


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What makes us different

Specialized clinical experts

Focused on advancing whole-person care

Customized programs

Targeted, population-specific solutions

Collaborative, dedicated partners

Robust specialty provider network

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