Social Drivers of Health (SDoH) program

Support that goes beyond the doctor's office

Access to healthy food, safe housing, reliable transportation, community connections, and other SDoH influence us by as much as 80% and can positively or negatively impact our overall well-being.*

Our SDoH program, Community Resource Navigator, takes a hands-on approach to identify and connect people in need with valuable resources. Through our program, we:

  • Provide regional resource coordinators who understand the community and its culture.
  • Fully assess each person’s SDoH needs.
  • Assist with completing applications for social assistance programs.
  • Coordinate face-to-face counseling and other therapeutic services.
  • Continue with support until the individual’s needs are met.

Lines of business

  • Commercial
  • Employer
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Public sector

We make getting help easier

Accessing behavioral, financial, medical, and family resources can be challenging. Our resource coordinators have the training and technology to step in and help when it matters most.

They take the time to fully understand a person’s needs and make it easier for people to get support by being available in person and virtually.

What does Community Resource Navigator do differently?

Supports a wide range of identified needs

Uses personalized assessments to identify the right resources

Utilizes knowledgeable, local staff

Stays in touch from start to finish

Provides a people-centric service driven by outcomes

Learn more about our SDoH program, Community Resource Navigator

* Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Briefing Series: Key Medicaid Issues for New State Policymakers (accessed December 2022):