Our solutions span the behavioral health services you need

So does our commitment and compassion

Behind our clinical expertise, evidence-based care, and digital tools are compassionate experts who are committed to helping people thrive.

Every day, it’s our goal to be a good partner to you while connecting children, teens, and adults to the right resources at the right time. We want to meet everyone’s needs and expectations by delivering a better behavioral health experience that’s rooted in whole-person care.

We offer solutions that change lives

From anxiety to substance use disorders and population health to crisis solutions, we have the expertise to address today’s behavioral health and wellness needs.

No matter the health challenge, we’re there at every touchpoint to promote prevention, recovery, and resilience.

Specialty care services

Expansive services and clinical knowledge allow us to provide support for today’s most prevalent conditions.

Carelon Behavioral Care

Our broad network of licensed clinicians is available to fill gaps by providing access to care with comprehensive and vital resources.

Crisis solutions

Our nationally recognized crisis response services deliver superior coordination, prevention, and oversight.

Carelon Wellbeing

This employee assistance program includes counseling services, customized digital tools, and educational information to improve people’s work-life balance and overall wellness.

Military and veterans

We’re honored to serve this unique population with behavioral health services, non-medical counseling, relocation and caregiver resources, care navigation and integration, and crisis response.

Join us in realizing the possibilities

Sophisticated solutions. Personalized care.
Whole-person health.

Together, we can help improve people’s quality of life in ways that are meaningful and lasting.

We’re the right partner with the right approach

The healthcare challenges you face are many and varied. We want to leverage our 40+ years of expertise to relieve your pressures and offer real, everyday solutions.

We can address what's needed today and prepare for a healthier and happier tomorrow. Look to us to:

  • Enable prevention and recovery-focused systems of care.
  • Enhance the member experience.
  • Coordinate multi-disciplinary care teams for whole-person health.
  • Improve treatment engagement with the right resources at the right time.
  • Leverage data-driven technologies with behavioral health experience.
  • Provide superior utilization and case management care coordination.

We work to remove barriers and build access

When access to care is easy, it’s much more likely that people will get healthier faster. At Carelon Behavioral Health, everyone is seen, heard, and recognized — just as they are. That includes people with varying mental and physical abilities and those with diverse cultural, racial, ethnic, religious, or spiritual backgrounds.

Our diligent and empathic teams work to:

  • Increase easy and timely access to care.
  • Provide people with choices on how to receive the care they need.
  • Connect people to the right resources at the right time.
  • Guide transitions throughout the care experience.

We’re proud of the work we do.
We think you will be too.

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