Carelon Wellbeing

Healthy employees make for a healthy business

With more than 40 years of employee assistance program (EAP) experience in all types of industries, we know how to help employees achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Now called Carelon Wellbeing, our EAP provides quick and easy access to confidential counseling and a robust portfolio of other vital resources to help members address everyday issues, including:

  • Care for a child, elder, or other dependent.
  • Dealing with traumatic events.
  • Financial issues.
  • Identity theft recovery.
  • Legal concerns and mediation.
  • Stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Substance use disorders.

Counseling can be in person or virtual and resources come in a variety of engaging formats, such as self-assessments, articles, podcasts, videos, and quizzes, to allow members to choose exactly what they like.

Together, we can help people get healthier so they can be their best at work, at home, and in their community.

Lines of business

  • Commercial
  • Employer
  • Federal government

A little proactive support makes a big difference

Starting the workday and leaving personal issues “at the door” isn’t always possible. Carelon Wellbeing helps people address their everyday issues before they become big, chronic issues.

When people have the right resources to address emotional, personal, legal, and financial challenges, they’re more likely to show up to work ready to go. Productivity increases, health expenditures decrease, and employees are happier and more dependable.1

Programs built to meet your goals

We can develop a program around your specific needs, goals, company culture, and values — no matter what your industry. This type of targeted approach means you’ll be taking the right steps to help improve the health and productivity of your employees.

Resources your employees will use

All too often, employees don’t engage with an EAP because they don’t know it’s available. We’ll partner with you to create a marketing and communications plan that will help build awareness and interest in everything Carelon Wellbeing has to offer.

Benefits your employees want

Life’s stressors are real.

  • Every year, 18% of U.S. workers experience some type of mental health problem, and the National Institute of Mental Health reports that depression is the leading cause of workplace absenteeism.2  
  • 94% of workers report experiencing stress at work.3
  • 63% of workers are ready to quit their job due to stress.4

Today’s employees want companies to place their health and well-being front and center. They’re making their feelings known by where they look for work and how long they stay in their job.

Get more. Add-on services boost your EAP.

On-site program

People often don’t seek care, even when they suspect it may be necessary, because of time constraints. Our program takes that issue off the table. Employees won’t have to spend valuable time seeking and receiving care away from work. Instead, they’ll have easy access to confidential, face-to-face clinical care right on site.

Organizational services

Our specialized Organizational Services team provides consultative assistance to help leaders achieve workplace goals like strategic business objectives, policy development, and health and safety initiatives.

Disruptive event management

Workplace disruptions can’t be controlled, but the response can. Our Disruptive Event Management services (DEM) address events that require immediate and ongoing on-site crisis response, consultation, training, or telephonic support. DEM also includes debriefings, threat assessments, and grief and loss counseling.

Global capabilities

A global workforce can make providing an employee assistance program challenging. For companies with employees living or traveling outside the United States, our global capabilities ensure people have access to the care they need no matter where they are. 

Carelon Wellbeing delivers results

The 2021 Member Satisfaction Survey showed:


improvement in overall productivity


reduction in tantrums


decrease in absenteeism


decrease in presenteeism


of members moved from severe to moderate mental health status


of members felt they had been helped by the program

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