Serious Mental Illness (SMI) Program

A holistic approach aimed at raising the quality of life

An SMI is a mental illness that interferes with a person’s daily function and overall health whether they’re at work, school, or home. Living with an SMI can make it difficult for a person to socialize, maintain their hygiene, and keep to a daily routine.

SMIs can have serious psychological and physical effects. Our holistic approach combines mental and physical care coordination to help people with an SMI manage their condition and lead healthier lives.

Lines of business

  • Commercial
  • Employer
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Public sector

Our integrated, collaborative approach supports an individual’s health to strengthen the overall well-being questions? We're here to help.

Why is holistic care a more effective way to treat SMI?

SMI often goes hand in hand with other illnesses like cardiovascular diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancers, diabetes and liver disease.1 Additionally, people with an SMI die on average 10 to 20 years earlier than the general population, mostly due to preventable physical diseases.2

By examining a person's whole health, our team can find solutions that consider all medical conditions and medications to achieve the best result.

Clinical expertise, combined with digital tools, foster recovery

SMIs are complex. That’s why we involve psychiatrists, peer support specialists, and care managers to help us guide individuals to the services and ongoing support they need for a successful recovery.

We create a safe environment to help individuals engage in their healthcare at their own pace. By providing digital self-care tools, we help ease the experience for those who are not ready or feel stigmatized about seeing a professional.


We use data to drive results

We use data to know what works best when coordinating care.

Our data allows us to customize care delivery, determine treatment protocols, and use predictive analytics to identify people with complex needs or those who need extra help. We also consider existing health conditions and social factors to reduce health events and the need for high-cost alternatives.

Outcome-driven methods produce life-changing results3

Consistent engagement and medication adherence are essential for the treatment of SMIs.


Our team engages closely with each individual to create a personalized care plan. Through collaboration, we can help achieve positive results and improve a person’s quality of life.


increase in medication adherence


increase in engagement during preventative treatment


reduction in overall costs


member satisfaction score in 20214

What we do differently

Integrated physical and behavioral healthcare

24/7 crisis intervention

Enhanced care coordination

Convenient digital platforms

Predictive analytics and data-driven insights


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