Child, Young Adult, and Family Services

Here to help with behavioral health support

Who we are as adults is greatly shaped by our experiences in our youth. Physical care, emotional support, genetics, social and community ties, pressures at school, and family relationships are all factors that can seriously impact health and family stability.


With our wide range of services, our goal is to help children, adolescents, and families manage and overcome the difficult challenges they may be experiencing.

Lines of business

  • Commercial
  • Employer
  • Medicaid
  • Public sector

Families are at the center of our approach

All families have unique needs. Our wraparound approach addresses those needs with a unified care plan and a solid support network. This approach puts the focus on keeping families together and healthy.


If there’s a gap or a barrier to care, our care managers can connect families with providers, hospitals, state agencies, schools, faith-based groups, and other community-based services. These kinds of connections help families receive the quality care, social support, and other resources they want and need.

Our programs help deliver comprehensive support

We work with an extensive, multidisciplinary group of clinical experts, including certified peer specialists, to provide behavioral health solutions. Our wraparound programs help address a wide range of needs, remove barriers, and make care more affordable.

Care management programs:

  • Advanced specialty clinical network.
  • Autism and applied behavioral analysis (ABA) services.
  • Intensive care coordination (ICC).
  • Integrated family care and support (IFCS).
  • First-episode psychosis.
  • Rising risk predictive analytics program.
  • Voluntary care management (VCM).

Clinical programs:

  • Eating disorders.
  • Psychiatry and mental health access programs.
  • Suicide awareness and prevention.
  • Youth and family peer programs.

Navigation assistance programs:

  • First-point program for systems of care.
  • Virtual contact centers for crises.

Our Child, Young Adult, and Family Services help to

Support caregivers and youth to access resources

Empower family decision-makers to engage in their care plan

Educate families on suicide prevention practices

Provide holistic care from start to finish

Methods that inspire real change

With the help of our clinical experts and broad provider partnerships, we’ve achieved positive outcomes for youth and families across the country. By supporting and educating families, we’ve discovered enhanced care pathways that have positively changed lives.*


reduction in inpatient hospital stays


reduction in emergency department visits


reduction in behavioral health emergency department days

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Internal data, 2021.