Meet the experts who are improving the health of the healthcare system

Glenn MacFarlane

President and Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Alquist

Staff Vice President, Growth

Manuel “Manny” Arisso

VP, Chief Network Officer and Head of Employer

Ashley Bolduc

Chief of Staff

Matt Christian

Chief Information Officer

Kelly Cunningham

Staff Vice President, Human Resources

Renee Daley

Head of Product

Briana Duffy

President, External Markets

Bob Flowe

Chief Financial Officer

Pooja Joshi

Staff Vice President, Data Analytics and Reporting

Natalie MacLean Leino

General Counsel

Donna McIntosh

Chief Compliance Officer

Dr. James A. Polo

Chief Medical Officer

Carin Skapars

Staff Vice President, Quality and Accreditation

Kimberly Supersano

Chief Marketing Officer

Maureen Tarpinian

Chief Operating Officer