You can benefit from the many opportunities created by telehealth. They include:

  • Improved patient quality outcomes by enabling easier chronic health management.
  • Reduced hospital readmissions due to ongoing communication and patient education about follow-up care.
  • Increased patient engagement and satisfaction stemming from the convenience of telehealth.
  • Ability to expand access to care and services using nurse advice lines and call centers.
  • Ability to see people with mobility limitations or those in remote locations.
  • Ability to offer extended hours without needing in-person staff.
  • Reduced patient no-show rates.
  • Reduced overhead costs.

Our telehealth services are an option for participating providers who meet the appropriate criteria.

Telehealth clinical practice guidelines

Consistent with American Telemedicine Association (ATA) guidelines, telehealth can be delivered in a variety of settings. Services can include both initial evaluations and ongoing treatment, including both psychotherapy and medication management. Acuity can range from routine to emergent. This can be seen as an additional option for individuals receiving face-to-face treatment or may be the only treatment modality. 

For more information, please refer to these documents:

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