Mental Health Awareness Month

Increasing awareness is the first step

Chances are, you or someone you know is living with a mental health condition. With appropriate treatment, people can manage mental illness, overcome challenges, and lead productive lives. During Mental Health Awareness Month and beyond, we encourage conversations that increase understanding and promote help-seeking behavior.

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woman and man running in park

Transforming the recovery process for opioid use disorder

Learn how the Changing Pathways program transforms the recovery process for opioid use disorder and how peer support helps patients advocate for themselves.

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Girl using tablet at sunset

Helping youth navigate social media

Explore how providers and parents can help youth learn to use social media without negatively impacting their mental health.

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Listening to customer query on headset

Saving lives, one call at a time

Get an inside look at how crisis call center agents show compassion and care to each person — all while remaining calm and providing links to care.

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Where can you go to learn more about mental health?


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